Temple Spa

Temple SPA

Temple Spa is a total lifestyle brand that seeks to beautifully fuse product, philosophy and spa. Providing luxurious skin care and body care, aromatherapy and spa treatments that replenish, revive, renew and love to treat people very well.

Inspired by the ancient word 'temple', which describes the body as a sacred place and a precious house; and 'spa, which is a space for health, beauty and relaxation and conjures up a sense of absolute comfort and joy. Uniting these words together, our hope is that Temple Spa becomes a metaphor for looking after skin, body and soul. Your space, your spa.

The soul of Temple Spa is about wellbeing. Not hope in a bottle or believing that life's problems can disappear at the mere whiff of an essential oil – but by offering a range of divine preparations and treatments aimed at busy people, the overstressed and those that love the very best in skin care.

Sienna X


An exceptional spray tan that exceeds all others, The only safe tan is a sunless tan. Never had a Sienna x spray tan before? you will wonder why you waited so long.

Sienna X comes in many different shades. Whether you need a dark tan to enhance muscle definition, medium tan to fool everybody in the office you have been away or a light tan for a wedding. Sienna X is the tan for you.

Simply decide how long you have to tan:

Sienna X Original tan - 10 hr developing time - £25
Sienna X Tonight's the night tan - 2-4 hour developing time - £30

If you don't have much time Tonight's the night would be your ideal solution. Look and feel fantastic in just 2 hours.

Spray tanning results will last 5-7 days



Individual eyelashes are a great way to frame your eyes by gaining a permanent mascara effect. If you are a busy mum, business women or just simply have a busy social life, Lash extensions are the way forward!!! Clients are not only impressed with how glamorous they look but how much time it saves on their daily beauty routine. They are ideal for that special occasion, and can be tailored to be as natural or false as you would like even if your only request is you don't have to wear mascara. For minimal effort and maximum effects these work well alongside eyelash tints also. The results would typically last 3-4 weeks however regular infill visits can maintain them around whatever suits you if you wish to keep them up.

Aside from being highly addictive, they are waterproof so don't affect day to day cleansing and shed as your natural lash does, they do not effect your natural lashes or skin as the glue is only applied to the lash itself.

If you are interested and would like some more information please either pop by or contact us and we would be happy to be of assistance.

OPI Gel Polish


Opi gel manicure is a quick and easy treatment, no tips, no drills with results lasting up to 3 weeks. Many people find that this is a great treatment to help nails grow.

Their are a total of 30 Gelcolor Colors available for application. This number will definitely increase as OPI adds more of its already famous color selection to this manicure system. A system generally compared to Shellac, but given feedback it seems the results are better.